Molly Schultz

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Molly Schultz is a first-year graduate student at Michigan State University. This fall, she is will begin her third year at Student-Athlete Support Services. As the graduate assistant, Molly assists with the management of the Tutorial Program and works as a Learning Assistant for student-athletes at SASS.

Molly earned her undergraduate degree in Communication and Arts and Humanities at Michigan State University. While completing her undergraduate degree, Molly worked for SASS as an Academic Student Tutor. Molly is currently enrolled in graduate school where she is working toward obtaining her masters in Sports Administration.

Growing up in a small town in Michigan, Molly came from a family of Spartans. It was her dream to come to Michigan State where she would be the fourth generation of Spartans in her family. During her sophomore year at MSU, she began looking for a part-time on-campus job, and that is when she was introduced to the field of academic support services for student-athletes.

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Molly Schultz

Graduate Assistant/
Assistant Tutorial Coordinator