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Career Development

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The Career Development program focuses on preparing the student-athlete population to be career ready. The program is based on a three-part process that consists of career exploration, career development and career placement. Some of the tools used to accomplish this include:

  • Student-Athlete Career Mixer: on-campus networking and job-search event for student-athletes
  • Company Contacts: coordinate information sessions and act as liaison to schedule interviews with companies in and out of the Smith Center
  • Game Plan: partnership with this company to provide various career preparation opportunities including major and career interest inventories, development modules, and career placement
  • KIN 171: freshman transition and major/career exploration course 
  • MSU Career Services Network (CSN) Partnership: close working relationship with the CSN to promote their events as well as use them as a resource to grow our programming and company contacts.
  • Student-Athlete Development Workshops: provide programming to help with each step of the career development process.
  • Financial Literacy:  workshops and programing to help student-athletes be fiscally responsible during and after their careers at MSU