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Multicultural Program

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The Multicultural Program provides student-athletes with leadership and diversity experiences and opportunities. The program is designed to allow ALL student-athletes the chance to celebrate and express diversity. Additionally, the program provides a means of support and resources to guide student-athletes on their journey towards graduation. The primary goal is to increase the level of cultural and social awareness to prepare student-athletes to succeed in a multicultural society. 
The advisory board brainstorms ideas for programs, events and activities that align with the major components of the program: Success Initiatives, Social and Diversity Awareness, Community Outreach. 

Peer Mentor Program

Incoming freshmen student-athletes are paired with upperclassmen/women from a different sport. The program is designed to provide a support system for incoming student-athletes that will help guide them through their academic, emotional, social, and athletic integration/transition to Michigan State University. The program also provides opportunities for mentors to enhance their leadership skills.

Celebrate US

This event allows attendees to showcase and celebrate the diversity of the student-athlete population. The Multicultural Advisory Committee is able to use this event as a tool to inform current student-athletes about the program and recruit new members.

Spartan Talks

A discussion series where student-athletes chose a topic that focuses on contemporary social issues.

Diversity Workshop

Students are provided an opportunity to learn about the importance of diversity and inclusion through an interactive presentation. The presentation focuses on building awareness of cultural differences through activities that challenge one’s ideas, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors.

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