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Summer School Aid Policy for Athletic Scholarship Student-Athletes

  1. Scholarship covers one summer session per academic year.
  2. Scholarship may cover one course (up to 3 credits).
  3. Room and board will not be authorized.  Exceptions must be granted through the Director of SASS.
  4. The course must be degree applicable.  An activity course is not considered an approved course.
  5. Only a primary major course will be covered by scholarship during summer.

Summer School Aid Policy for Student-Athletes who are Graduating in Summer or Fall

  1. Scholarship will only cover courses needed to graduate by end of summer or to allow a Fall enrollment of twelve (12) credits. 
  2. The course(s) must be degree applicable. Kinesiology activity courses are not considered approved courses.
  3. The proportionality requirement for tuition and room/board may be waived for student-athletes who have exhausted their eligibility and will be graduating this summer semester.  Documentation is required from the Assistant/Associate Dean of the college certifying the student-athlete is enrolled in the final courses needed to graduate.


  • Athletic aid will not be authorized for enrollment in Summer II for repeating a course taken in Summer I.  Extenuating circumstances may be submitted in writing to the Director of SASS to request an exception.
  • Summer schedules will be locked after the athletic aid has been authorized.  Changes in enrollment must be communicated to a SASS Academic Coordinator in order for the change to occur.  In turn, the SASS Academic Coordinator will email the Registrar's Office for formal processing.  The process is the same procedure used during the academic year for add/drops.
  • Student-athletes cannot receive aid for Overseas Study Programs. Exceptions will be granted through the Director of SASS.
  • Athletic aid including forfeiture charges will not automatically be authorized for dropped courses or summer withdrawals.
  • Student-athletes who withdraw from summer sessions and have received room and board and subsequently do not meet the minimum requirements for athletic aid will be charged for the full amount of room and board.

Please see your Academic Coordinator for more information.