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B1G Voting Education and Registration Components (Collaboration with existing campus, local and national organizations already present across the entire conference.)

Voter Registration Survey (Deadline, July 20)

Monthly Education:

  • Civic Engagement (July – kickoff Tuesday, July 20th)
  • Why Vote (August – kickoff Tuesday, Aug. 4th)
  • How to Register & How to Vote (September – kickoff Tuesday, Sept. 1st)
  • Why I Vote (October – kickoff Tuesday, Oct. 6th)


RISE - B1G Voter Empowerment Webinar Series (Presented by MSU & UM SAAC)

  • What is Civic Engagement (Secretary of State, Jocelyn Benson) – Tuesday, July 28th at 6:15pm
  • The History of Voting -  Tuesday, August 11th at 6:15pm
  • RISE To Vote Voter Registration – Tuesday, August 25th at 6:15pm



Social Media:

Facebook:  MSU SASS

Twitter: @MSU_SASS

Instagram: sass_msu