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As athletics within the collegiate setting continues to evolve, it is important to help our student-athletes develop a strong foundation to manage their finances while at Michigan State and after graduation. We work to introduce specific resources at different intervals within the academic year to keep our student-athletes constantly exposed to the material and understanding how to apply what they are learning in real life settings. In collaboration with campus resources and financial professionals, we cover topics ranging from credit scores and savings for freshmen through topics such as cost-of-living and retirement plans for those looking to start their full-time carerers. Programming is offered through:

  • Eric Smith/ EKS Group LLC – Financial Literacy Coach
    • Banking and Budgeting
    • Saving and Investing
    • Next Steps – Preparing for your first job
    • Pro-Prospect Financial Considerations
  • KIN171
  • Partnering with MSUFCU 
  • International Tax Clinic