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Course: KIN 171 Athletics in Higher Education
Semester: Fall of every year
Credits: Total Credits: 1 Lecture/Recitation/Discussion Hours: 1 - 1(1-0)
Restrictions: Open only to freshmen
Description: Philosophy and organization of athletics. Athletics and academic achievement. Ethical issues, legal issues, social conduct, eligibility, athlete's rights and responsibilities.
Semester Alias: PES 171
Effective Dates: Fall 2005 - Open

KIN 171 Athletics in Higher Education is a 1 credit course offered to freshmen only, the fall of every academic year. It is designed to introduce freshmen to various issues relevant to their personal transition from high school to college. Students will also explore and discuss current “hot topic” issues as it directly relates to their current experience.  Students enrolled in this course will cover such topics as major exploration, strategies for success in the college setting, the introduction of different resources on campus, possible career options, diversity classes, and an overview financial literacy. Students will have the opportunity to hear from a variety of guest speakers and presentations to give them a well-rounded understanding of how to successfully navigate their collegiate experience.