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The mission of the community service and outreach program is to provide MSU student-athletes with the opportunity to give back to the surrounding community. By volunteering their time and relaying their unique experience to people of all ages and backgrounds, the student-athletes are able to make a difference in the lives of individuals as well as supplementing their own collegiate experience.


  • Student-Athletes are not allowed to miss class for an outreach event
  • Outreach must be conducted during the weekdays unless otherwise approved by the Director of Student-Athlete Development
  • No more than two outreach events can be scheduled during a single day
  • Student-Athlete participation is based on availability, there can be no guarantee of any specific Student-Athletes, coaches or teams


  • Outreach can be conducted during both school semesters and during both summer sessions
  • No outreach will be conducted during University vacations for students (e.g. Thanksgiving, Winter Break, Spring Break, etc.)
  • No outreach can be conducted where the total time of the event and drive time exceeds two hours
  • The radius of outreach requests are bounded by St. Johns to the North, Leslie to the South, Grand Ledge to the West and Williamston to the East
  • There must be a minimum two-week notice for outreach requests
  • Any outreach request that is not included within these parameters must be approved by the Director of Student-Athlete Development


  • Student-Athletes can only be driven to outreach events by the following:
    1. Full-time SASS staff
    2. SASS Graduate Assistants
    3. D.A.R.E. officers (for their events only)
    4. Coaches or Graduate Assistants within a particular program
  • Under no circumstance may organizers of events drive student-athletes to community outreach
  • Student-Athletes may drive to events only if there is not sufficient space in the vehicle of a SASS staff member or if approved by the Director of Student-Athlete Development